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Curvy Kate’s #MyBodyVictory campaign encourages women to celebrate themselves

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A fuller bust lingerie brand has launched a powerful new campaign to get people talking about how great their bodies are, and who doesn’t want to do that?

The campaign by Curvy Kate, which uses the powerful hashtag, #MyBodyVictory, encourages women to share the stories of what shaped them and celebrate their individual victories.

The campaign is kicked off with a line-up of 6 pretty major influencers, including model Hayley Hasselhoff, mother-of-two, Chanel Ambrose and wheelchair user Clara Holmes.



Discussing the kickass campaign, a spokesperson for the brand said: “#MyBodyVictory, is a celebration of all the stories that make us unique in ways that are different and alike. Influencers have a personal reach to their followings and we often follow those people we relate to, this is often because of the stories they have shared with us online.

« This campaign is all about encouraging everyone to share their body victory, whether it is something monumental or seemingly minor, our stories shape us and can often be empowering to others. We want to start conversations that help everyone see their body in a positive light.”



It seems that women want in; tonnes have already taken to Instagram to share their victories and we are loving the ladies behind the stories.


Here are some of our favourites…






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Okay, last one I promise…! I absolutely love how this campaign has taken off. Today I had friends alerting me to its coverage in @dailymail (which imo is a huge deal for #bodypositivity!) and @glamouruk. Now, since I was a teenager it’s been my dream to be in Glamour magazine, but I always wanted to be a column writer – or even an actor being interviewed and featured on the cover…never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined I’d be on their website IN MY UNDERWEAR!? 🙌🏽 Have you checked out @curvykate’s #MyBodyVictory campaign yet? It’s honestly the most brilliant #bodyposi movement, and y’all need to get involved. 👙: @curvykate 💄: @sharlottejacks & @enyasullivan 📷: @alisonvwebster

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