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Tropics Homes : 12 Cozy Fall Decorations Ideas

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Pile on the plaid, add pillows to stiff-backed dining chairs, and don’t forget the firewood. Here’s how to make the most of the season and give your home a face-lift for fall.
Cozy Up on the Dock
Designer Gil Schafer supplied the private dock of a rehabilitated 1939 Connecticut cottage with reclining chairs, lanterns, and large red towels.
Create a Tented Bed
In this Catskills cottage bedroom designed by Eric Lysdahl, a draped canopy gives the bed a royal but cocoon-like feel.
Shine On
With the shorter days, you’ll want to add adequate lighting to any work or reading areas. In this New York apartment’s wood-paneled-library, designed by Albert Hadley, a soft glow comes from the corner table lamp.
Add Pillows to Dining Chairs
For a more relaxed feel, add pillows to stiff-backed dining chairs, like in this royal blue dining room by Mary McDonald. They’re perfect for lingering over all the holiday meals that fall brings.


Choose Neutral Colors
In this seaside cottage designed by Robin Bell, the lofty living room is made intimate and cozy by the mix of neutral colors. For a quick fall update, try updating rooms with accessories that have a natural palette. Here, creamy pillows, lampshades, and candles warm up the space.


Keep a Lounge Chair in the Bath
If you have the space in your bath, do as photographer and designer Victoria Pearson did in her California master bath: Add a lounge chair. Not only will it create a private cozy spot, your bath will feel more like a calming spa.


Store Firewood in a Woven Basket
If you love fires but think they’re a lot of work, try keeping fresh-cut wood in a basket with handles so it’s easy to carry, rather than storing wood outdoors. That’s what designer John Peixinho does in his 1730 house in Newport, Rhode Island, which has five original fireplaces.


Pile on the Plaid
Plaid is the perfect cozy pattern for fall. Add a pillow, throw, or even reupholster a chair similar to this one in designer John Peixinho’s 278-year-old home. For extra impact, place the pattern in the foyer, so you see it as soon as you walk in the door.



Dress Up the Porch
This is the kind of outdoor table that your family will linger at long after supper is over. The pendant fixture is great for when the days are getting shorter, and the cushions are welcoming for fall lunches, too. Designer Alex Papachristidis chose classic shapes and, rather than bright hues, neutral colors, which work well for fall in this outdoor dining room in Greenwich, Connecticut.


Slipcovered Furniture
The casual style of this sitting area in Peixinho’s house comes from the slipcovered furniture and warm-colored patterns on the throw blankets and pillows. The space is comforting and inviting.


Create a Cozy Reading Nook
A window seat makes an ideal reading nook. Designer Alex Papachristidis kept this spot cozy with pillows and a small side table. If you don’t have the built-in kind, simply pull a comfortable chair over to a sunny corner and add a small table for books or a cup of tea.


Dine Next to the Fire
A romantic meal doesn’t have to be in the dining room. Put a small table next to a warm fire for an intimate dinner for two. Designer Ralph Lauren created this cozy table setting by adding a glowing candle and red flannel-patterned napkins.



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