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TROPICS Power-List 2018 : The Most Influential People In Business

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TROPICS INTERNATIONAL Inc / TROPICS MEDIA GROUP – Johannesburg, South Africa – On 20th December 2017, TROPICS Magazine announced its 1st annual « TROPICS Power-List 2018 : The Most Influential People In Business » list, which honours the heroes and leaders of the international business community whose work inspires, empowers, influences and impacts the next generation of leaders.

The « TROPICS Power-List 2018 : The Most Influential People In Business«  recognizes 170 influential and inspiring global leaders in a variety of categories. The annual list has been curated by TROPICS Magazine editors and editorial staff on the basis of each honouree’s work, impact, engagement, accomplishments and reach.




“The ‘TROPICS Power-List 2018 : The Most Influential People In Business’ list highlights the greatest leaders who exemplify excellence and brilliance in the fields of fashion, business, entertainment, arts, business and others,” says Venicia Guinot, 4x Awards-Winning Publisher, Editor-in-Chief and Founder.

Honourees will therefore be recognised each year and unveiled at the next TROPICS GALA DINNER during the 2nd edition of the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT scheduled to take place on 16 – 20 October 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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